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If you request tour in next 1~3days, please call us.
We always on tour, so we could not cheack e-mail everyday.

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If you come from Ishigaki, you need take 8:30 Departure ferry from Ishigaki to Uehara (Iriomote).

We will meet at Uehara Port.

Please call us after 5 pm or give us mail for reconfirm from your hotel 1~2days before your tour.

Note : Winter season Norvember to March, The Ferry from Ishigaki to Uehara is offen cancelled due to North wind and High wave.

When the ferry to Uehara is cancelled, you need to take 8:30 ferry from Ishigaki to Ohara port ( other side ) and take shuttle from Ohara to Uehara Port.

Please go buy ticket from Annei Ferry Desk, and ask for Uehara port. They will give you ferry and shuttle ticket. They will help you.

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